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Finding the Right Fit: Furniture for Traditional and Open Offices

There has been a lot of conversation around the merits of traditional and open offices. Each type has different benefits and drawbacks, catering to different needs.

Open and traditional style offices look very different, but no matter what style your office is, offering a flexible workspace will keep your workers comfortable and productive.

Furniture for Open Offices

What Every Office Needs

Ergonomics and adjustability are the top priority in any office, both traditional or open plan. No matter the layout, your office needs desks and chairs that are easily adjustable to provide proper ergonomics for any worker. By choosing a high-quality option like our Bahn or Tia desks, you can ensure plenty of adjustability and comfort.

Open Office Furniture Solutions Offer More Variety

While many traditional offices just have desks, chairs, and conference tables, modern offices commonly have a larger selection of options. In addition to individual workspaces, many open offices offer workers a selection of workspaces and furniture to meet a variety of needs. These often include:

Tonic Office


Open office benching is an innovative way to provide flexibles workstations, where multiple employees can work at one time. While this is similar to a communal desk, each employee has more of a personal work area that they can customize and easily reconfigure depending on their style and needs at that time. This style of workspace encourages collaboration, offers employees a multifunction area, and is a far better use of space than the traditional cubicle. Our Tonic and Seven Workbench stations are two completely different styles, both being great alternative options to a traditional, individual, or cubicle workspace.

Office storage

Mobile Storage

Storage may seem like a simple concept that would not change too much based on what style layout your office is, however, within an open office setting storage pieces take on a new role. Whether it offers dual purposes, such as our Bahn Work Island which serves as both central storage and a stand-up, collaborative meeting table, or our Tonic Stash or Trolly, which offer mobile, secure storage below the worksurface. Storage can be used to properly organize items and supplies without compromising design. By being easily moved, workers can take their storage with them, wherever they are working.

Health and wellbeing at office

No matter if you have a traditional office, an open office, or something in between, finding the right furniture is critical to the longlasting health and wellbeing of everyone in the office. By focusing on adjustability and comfort, you can ensure that your office has a solid foundation.

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