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This Custom Furniture Solution Is Breaking Ground For Healthcare Clinics

rsz_everettclinic-examroom.jpgThe Provider Table is a freestanding, multi-functional unit that boasts ample technology storage and easy reconfigurability to support the varied demands of today's examination rooms. Initially designed for The Everett Clinic, an award-winning Pacific Northwest clinic practicing lean healthcare delivery, this unit is now being ordered by various healthcare clinics across the country. As a lean healthcare provider, the Clinic’s overall building design was strongly driven by “the client’s desire for the most operationally-efficient care delivery in an outstanding patient centered environment.”

This mission is reflected even in the functionality of the Clinic’s examination rooms, which were to maximize the services and functions that could be delivered in a single space. To accomplish this, the Clinic’s designers identified three main functions for the exam room furniture that Watson’s Studio engineers were to accommodate in the product’s design:

  1. Technology Access: Allows the care provider to independently access data and lab results.

  2. Patient Conferencing: The provider must be able to review x-rays and other chart data with the patient, as well as schedule upcoming appointments.

  3. Phlebotomy Station: Supports patient blood draws

After a process of rapid prototyping and customer feedback, the final multi-functional design of the Provider Table features a cabinet designed to hold the CPUs and printers that support the technology needs of the exam room. To accommodate conferencing as well as blood work, the table features a unique slide-and-pivot action, which allows just the right position to be achieved for both staff and patients.


The Provider Table is a versatile, high-value solution designed in alignment with The Everett Clinic’s project goals and is now working for other clinics throughout the country. It is also the product of Watson’s unique, collaborative approach to customized client solutions -- a process characterized by rapid prototyping and the careful evaluation of client and project needs.

If you have an upcoming project that might benefit from our Studio design process, contact the Watson representative in your area to start the conversation.

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