August 7, 2017 . Watson News

Introducing Bahn Rail


Never before has the workplace demanded so much choice and flexibility in the way people need to work to be and do their best. Bahn Rail provides that choice and flexibility like no other product before it, by providing a free-standing ‘rail’ for light or heavy voice, power and data, that can be paired with nearly any worksurface or storage components – and that can be endlessly configured to meet the demands of any floorplan.

It’s all the power and data delivery you need, nothing you don’t.



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Worksurface Support
Desks and worksurfaces can run either parallel or perpendicular. Worksurface support brackets eliminate the need for four legs – saving space and budget.
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Enhanced End of Run Options
The Bahn Recycle Center provides a centrally located, visually appealing home to keep trash and recycling out of sight. Pair with Bahn Lockers for added storage and end-of-run privacy.
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Get Inspired.
Check out the Bahn Rail gallery for configuration ideas, product pairings and inspiration.


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