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Introducing Craft Surface For The Uncorporate Office

Kraft Surfacing

Discovering the Worksurface B-Side

As one of the few furniture manufacturers that laminate our own substrates, it is critical for our teams to understand the process and techniques that go into making each product component. Part of that learning includes understanding the importance of balanced panel construction - critical for preventing warpage of the laminated boards. Balanced panel construction is achieved, in part, by applying similar weight laminate and adhesive applications to both sides of the board. It has long been industry standard practice to use a low-grade and ubiquitous material commonly known as “backer board” opposite the printed laminate paper to achieve balanced finish construction

Making Craft Surface into a Hit

A little over 4 years ago, a group of us were visiting the Wilsonart factory to learn about their products and operations. We were curious about the different characteristics of high pressure laminate versus the backer board. It turns out there are two primary differences: 1) unlike high pressure laminate, the backer is not intended to be decorative and 2) the backer sheets are finished using phenolic resin instead of melamine.

We were struck that the backer was not elevated as a decorative finish! We believed the matte finish and soft touch would speak to clients seeking a unique design aesthetic featuring natural and neutral pallets. Additionally, the durable finish is achieved by using phenolic resin, a byproduct of refining gasoline. This alternate finish replaces melamine which is conventionally used for its visual clarity.

We fell in love with the backer board and decided to use it to finish the centerpiece of our Seattle Design Studio. 

Kraft Survacing Conference Table


Craft Surface Now Available Now in Two Colors

Our customers responded so positively that we integrated it into our standard surface offering. You can now specify Craft Surfacing in Saddle or Espresso on any Watson desk, bench, meeting or conference table.


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