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The Uncorporate Office: Authentic Furniture Finishes

The Look and Feel of Uncorporate’ Office Furniture 

As we described in an earlier postthe form and function of the corporate office is shifting away from monotonous, contrived and rigid toward beautiful, authentic, and flexible. More and more we hear the term ‘uncorporate’ being used to describe this new vision of the workplace. At Watson, we have approached furniture design this way from the begining.  

Manufacturing all our products in a single facility allows us to consistently experiment with alternative materials and processes. Our exploration is guided both by our design sensibility and our preference for materials that reduce our environmental impact. As a result, we have collected a palette of eco-friendly materials that serve as design-rich alternatives to conventional office finishes.  

Uncorporate Office Furniture Palette


Here are some of the uncorporate materials and finishes our customers are requesting:

Metal: Clear coat steel

Clear coat steel table leg finish 

Edges: Exposed MDF natural edge

 natural edge worksurface

Case Laminates: Dark finishes (Slate, Charcoal)

 Dark finished case laminates

Fabrics: PET Fabrics

 PET fabrics

Surfaces: Craft Surface

New to the Watson pallet is what we call Craft Surface. This unique laminate treatment is composed of kraft paper core sheets impregnated with phenolic resin. The resulting surface is soft and touchable, and develops a subtle patina overtime. KEXPSmith Optics, and King Games are a few customers who have incorporated Craft Surface into their design. (Plus, we love it so much, we feature it in the café at our Poulsbo headquarters and in our downtown Seattle Design Studio conference area.) 

Craft Surface table worksurface at Watson's Seattle Design Studio

Is your team ready to venture into uncorporate waters? Visit our Showroom at NeoCon 2016.


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