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Watson Introduces Bahn: A Panel-free Benching and Power Delivery Solution

POULSBO, WA - Watson is pleased to announce the launch of Bahn, a comprehensive benching and power, voice, and data (PVD) delivery solution designed for organizations that value simplicity and flexibility in workspace solutions. On the whole, Bahn’s integrated approach to power delivery and height adjustability is designed to deliver economy and flexibility to the open plan.

Connected & Panel-Free

Bahn’s integrated design includes advanced cable management and increased cost efficiency for active and beautiful office environments. The Bahn Raceway is an innovative panel-free power, voice and data (PVD) delivery solution that eliminates the need for panel-based planning. Its simple, horizontal design puts the user first by providing easy access to power and data ports.

The Bahn Raceway is universally compatible with virtually all freestanding tables, and offers a versatile and much-needed alternative to panel-based solutions in the open office environment. Its includes a 100% PVC free, 4 circuit/ 8 wire electrical system that is ETL tested and listed to meet UL 1286 with 3 data connections and can be specified with 4 or 8 outlets per user to accommodate a variety of work styles.

Bahn’s push-button, electric height-adjustable option promises a benching solution that is as energized and adaptable as the organizations it serves. An optional digital wellness switch that displays desk surface height also reminds users to move from sitting and provides a calorie-counting function to encourage healthy behaviors.


Bahn is simple to reconfigure on the fly or as enterprise needs change. Bahn Workbench segments of any width can be combined in a continuous run, making it easier to accommodate changing needs or fixed constraints -- such as architectural elements -- with a simple kit-of-parts.

Bahn’s screen collection delineates boundaries between individual and collective spaces and can be tailored to promote heads-down focus or encourage interaction. Spine and Aisle screens, available in 46” or 52” height options, provide greater control over privacy and space division. Storage credenzas nest into the Raceway, which creates a seamless, built-in appearance, reduces dimensional creep and provides a return surface to maximize user space.

From seated to upright and between active, focused or collaborative work modes, the Bahn Workbench can accommodate the range of furniture typologies required by today’s office workplace. Its thoughtfully designed kit-of-parts eases the storage and labor cost-burden associated with office reconfiguration and has the ability to flex with varied and changing needs.

Pricing and Availability

Bahn is available as of October 1, 2015. Preliminary pricing and lead time information are located here. Please contact us for more information.

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